Upside Down Kingcom

September 20th,20a19, I was sitting in the pew that is on the right side of the meeter area as your enter it. I am about halfway between the altar and doors to the Narthes.  The sermon was the “Upside Down Kingdom” with scripture from Luke 16:19-31. We talked a bit about our 168 year anniversary that is coming up on October 14, 2019. The whole point of this sermon was to encourage each and every one of us to look at the world differently. It talks about how Jesus wrapped his stories in packaging that people could carry and relate.
We are encouraged to pursue values that are appealing to God. Don’t view differences between one another as this huge chasm that can’t be overcome. Seek Christ and let him be the door that is always open. 
Put aside what doesn’t matter. Remember that wealth is meaningless at death.

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