Thy Kingdom Come

Our sermon from Sunday, July 28, 2019 was titled “Thy Kingdom Come”. We read from Luke 11:1-13. This chapter has the Lord’s prayer along with the reference of the friend who knocks on the door at midnight asking for food to serve his guests. The friend who was woken up from sleep didn’t want to share yet due to the other friends persitence he shared.
The sermon is about prayer and what makes a good prayer. If we follow the Lord’s prayer outlined in Luke 11, here are the components of good prayer:
  • Humble and Thoughtful Adoration of our Loving Father
  • Put our heart into your prayer and let go of our pride
  • Submit in humility to see God’s power – trust God
My take away was “Prayer changes our response to God. Prayer does not change God.”  Prayer requires vulnerability to where you share you the good, bad, and ugly in your thoughts and life with our creator. So I need to Keep on Praying!

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