Almost Christmas

It is Sunday, December 22, 2019. After a few cold and snowy days, we had a 55 degree, sunny day. It was pretty and calming. I am reflecting on Pastor Ronnie’s sermon. He started out defining darkness as the absence of light. He acknowledged that it is hard to define darkness much like it is hard to define the color red. It is hard to believe only three days until Christmas! We have three nights (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday) until we celebrate the “Light of the World” = Jesus. 
The Advent Bible Study that finished on Sunday, December 15, 2019, was focused on the book of Isaiah. Pastor Ronnie shared that Isaiah wasn’t predicting our Lord Jesus’ birth; he was predicting the King Hezekiah would be God’s rep on the Earth. Isaiah was expecting Hezekiah to redeem Isreal and to be a different king. He was disappointed. Our earthly kings, or polictical parties, can’t redeem us. Only Jesus Christ saves me. Christ calls me to walk in the light and listen to others. 
Did you know that every one of us has an inate fear of loud noises and heights? We learn early on that the dark can be scary with monsters hiding under our beds, the boogey man, or other nubulous, scary things that are hard to see.  Pastor Ronnie shared how that we are all different: our political views, our economic status, our ethnicity, our education, and a whole host of differences. He shared that we should not distance ourselves from others and what is occuring in our world. We need to be illuminating spirits and loving our neighbors. We, Cumberland United Methodist Church, have a HUGE opportunity to be a light in our community. I see in our interactions and programs that we are sharing our light and love with our community. It is so cool watching the children play basketball using good sportsmanship behaviors. It is so nice to talk to the visitors watching and cheering on the children. It is a priviledge to be able to encourage these children.
Pastor Ronnie closed with “People who walk in darkness have seen a great light – Jesus Christ”. Pray before you do anything to make sure you are following God’s will. 
Are you an illuminating spirit for others? Do those you encounter daily see the love of Jesus Christ in your actions?
Merry Christmas! May Christ’s love be overflowing from your heart for others to see.

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