A Servant’s Heart

Pastor Ronnie’s Sermon July 21, 2019
Based on Luke 10:38-42
The scripture is about two sisters, Mary and Martha. Jesus came to visit them. Martha was doing the work expected of a woman during this period of time. Martha was preparing the house and meal for Jesus. Mary deviated from what was expected of women of that day and sat at the feet of Jesus and listened to his stories. Martha got frustrated and mentioned to Jesus that her sister should be helping her. Jesus shared the Mary has chosen the better choice. I can imagine the stunned look on Martha’s face at that rebuke.
Pastor Ronnie shared context of the woman’s role at the time of Jesus. He mentioned that there are nameless women in the Bible in the old and new testaments and asked us to name a few. We have the Woman at the Well, Woman who committed adultery that the crowd wanted to stone, Pharoah’s daughter to name a few.
Here are the key items I captured from Pastor Ronnie’s sermon:
  • Understand the context and role of women during that time period Martha did what was expected
  • Quit being critical and challenging others choices; use grace
  • Show your faith in all you do – Respond with God’s love
  • She is more than what she does
  • Sit and rest in God – encounter Christ
  • It is easy to be busy to forget Christ in front of us
  • Free to find our peace in the presence of God
  • We need those who are concerned about the details
I can really relate to Martha as I make choices that cause me to be busy, busy, busy. I had been struggling with feeling like I had to be everything to everyone which is untrue and unachievable. I loved the quote “She is more than what she does”. This was a reminder to me that God sees me through his eyes.  I am trying to be more like Mary to have that focus, dedicated time with my Jesus to right my world at the start of everyday. This sermon really touched my heart. II experienced a great worship service!

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